Hi, I'm Marie

I'm a Swedish voice teacher, singer and songwriter working online with clients in 3 continents. I teach pop & jazz and I sing soul and jazz music mainly. 
Singing but not lessons?

Choir Conductor

I also run an English speaking choir in Eliana, outside of Valencia in Spain. We are a cheerful group of singers from all over the world, getting together and singing in harmony in different genres. So far we have covered jazz, gospel, music theatre, pop & folk music. 

The group is open to anyone and if you want to have a listen, you will find us Valencia Vocals
Looking for a voice teacher

Voice Lessons

As an individual voice teacher I custom make your sessions after your needs and wishes. I teach kids from 4 years and up to 70 year old singers. I am specialized in CCM vocals(meaning popular music and jazz) and offer play based learning for kids, self development through singing for grown ups and teens and young adults who strive for or already are professional musicians and educators. 
Want a custom made song?


I write custom made songs for your special occasion, for your company or your relatives  and friends. If you are looking for jazzy r'n'b you have come to the right place. You will receive a high qualitative recording with the music and vocals from me. 

Your one stop Voice Educator

Do you have questions or want to start a conversation with me? You can find my details on the Contact page.

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„I came to Marie as I wanted to explore singing in a structured way, to find a deeper freedom of expression and overcome fear of singing in public. After my first lesson, I knew she was exactly the right choice. Her passion, expertise and compassion shine in every lesson. Under her guidance I’ve experienced a complete paradigm shift in the way I think about the voice—not only in building confidence and learning proper techniques, I’m finally able to let go of crippling anxiety around singing. I highly recommend Marie’s classes to anyone at any stage of their singing journey. I can’t thank her enough!.”

— Amber Putnam